The blowback begins – K900 fail

Looks like people really do read about Kia quality nowadays.  I’ve been getting quite a bit of traffic here.  And it looks like Kia’s sales numbers are dropping pretty hard.  I’m specifically speaking of the K900.

Kia.  You really need to begin to treat your customers better.  Not just me.  Everyone.  I’ve spoken with many customers with a similar story as mine.  Broke people, people with money, people of all classes and races.  Basically, your entire spectrum of customers.  They all get it.  Kia is the slumlord of the automotive world.  And the way your customers really speaks volumes about it.  The problem is, you want to go big now.  You want to sell luxury cars.  From the day you announced that car, I knew it would fail.  Because nobody takes you seriously.  If someone sees your brand as a cheap brand, and then they read about how you screw people over, they’re going to walk away.  There are too many other brands with more class, service, and a sense of responsibility toward their customer.  People who are going to drop $60,000 on a car, are used to having service.  White glove style service.  They don’t want to have to sue to get warranty work done.  They don’t want to deal with your awful dealer network, that sells $18,000 junk cars by the dozen.  They want what Cadillac offers.  What Audi and BMW offer.  When you sell luxury, you’re not selling leather and a RWD V8.  You’re selling an experience.  Getting fu@#ed by your dealer and manufacturer isn’t one of those experiences that people will risk $60,000 over.  Start making things right with your customers.  You spent more on advertisements selling that car, than you’ve made back.  I don’t think your sales have even covered the cost of that Superbowl spot.

So, we still have an opportunity for you to make it right.  Step up, and be the company that you’re trying to buy the image of.  Advertising until you’re blue in the face, doesn’t break the trend of internet outrage you’ve forced your customers into.  You’ll forever spin your wheels, and never get where you’re going.  Start making things right with your customers.  Whether it’s me, or the thousands of others.  Repairs, refunds, and apologies are far cheaper than spending millions on ads.  And it’s far more effective.

We recently bought an electric car.  A Chevrolet Volt to be exact.  We even saw the Kia Soul electric vehicle that you’re offering.  Unfortunately, you won’t sell many.  And if you would have treated us right with the Sportage, you would have sold one to us.  And if you think all of my social media is negative, check out my Twitter.  You know the handle.  I’ve had nothing but good things to speak to Ram and Chevrolet about.  And that’s why you’ll always be in last place.


Sell the experience.  Don’t be a slumlord.  It’s as easy as that.  With your 1990’s Automotive industry mindset, you’ll slowly sink.  And it looks like it’s already happening.


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