Kia called? Weird!

After posting yet another reply to Kia’s Twitter account last week, a Kia representative actually contacted me!  They sounded very concerned, and was very polite to me on the phone.  She gathered the story again, and said she would have it reviewed to see what they could do about it!  All I asked was a refund on the lease payments I made while the vehicle was broken, and I would call it even, and take the site down.  But, I didn’t get my hopes up.

I just received a call from Kia, saying again, they will not be offering any compensation on the issue.  After many emails and calls from other former Kia customers, this is, unsurprisingly, a pattern.  Kia does make some great looking cars.  And, even though Kia and I aren’t friends, I think their K900 has a heck of a lot of curb appeal.  But, the K900 failed, and it failed hard.  The Hyundai version is also suffering from dismal sales.  The problem isn’t the car, or the price.  It is the brand that Kia and Hyundai have built for themselves.  This brand, is that of a cheap car.  Everyone knows they’re cheap.  I would lump them in with Chinese car cheap.  But, Kia can’t deliver with customer service or reliability.  They’ll tell their customers to get lost, the second something goes wrong with their car.  They play the blame game, and lawyer up at the drop of a hat.  Now, when you are going to do business with a professional, Businessman, lawyer, sales, etc, there are many other factors.  No business professional will show up in a $65,000 Kia.  Not because it’s a bad car, but because the Kia brand holds a stigma.  You cannot compete with Audi and Cadillac, until you build customer loyalty and respect.  Until Kia can step up, and be a respected car manufacturer, they’ll always be slinging cheap cars to people who cannot afford to be screwed over by their manufacturer.

Kia, is the mark of disrespect for its consumers.  Dancing hamsters don’t exactly bring in professionals either ;).

P.S.  I’m also about to get my 2nd $50,000 pickup truck, Kia.  We’ve also added a Chevrolet Volt to the household.  This business could have been yours.  Along with many other people’s business.  The new truck will also carry the same sign / sticker as the old one, linking here!  Probably why I can pull tens of thousands of hits per month, with no advertising.


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