Welcome to DeadKia.com!

I built this site, to let the world know, how much Kia hates you, but loves your money!

I’ve leased a 2012 Kia Sportage SX AWD, since January of 2012, and it hasn’t been driveable since July of 2012.  The engine is blown, and Kia is blaming me, and denying the warranty!

Kia has spent more on legal counsel, than the cost of my 2012 Sportage SX.  They will do anything to weasel out of warranty work.  They’ll never admit fault, and find any way to try to blame the owner.  Keep reading, I have lots of details!  Click here for the full story


AWD Turbocharged Lemon!
AWD Turbocharged Lemon!

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  1. I’m going through the same thing right now . My motor in my SX forte went out of no where and Kia denied the claim based on finding a screw missing on the intake box and a vacuum hose I replaced because some hater tried ripping it out at a car meet when I was getting a cup of coffee .so I had some hose and clamps from a fellow car guy at the show and fixed it but never got around to getting the new hose . So my dealer is trying to get Kia to replace it . I told my dealer I have an alternative insurance on the car . A wrap insurance that also replaces anything . He is not wanting to call them and assuming they will not fix the car . I’m wondering if they are not calling because if that company fixes the car and finds there was nothing that Kia said effected the part the company may sue Kia for the repairs

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