Have your own Kia story? Post it here!

Add your story to the comments section.  If you have a long story, let me know!  Give me a writeup, your documentation, and I’ll post it as it’s own page!


2 thoughts on “Have your own Kia story? Post it here!”

  1. I had a 2015 Kia Sportage vehicle with engine problems. Apparently the oil plug was defective thus causing all of the oil to leak out of the car. The service department in Columbia, MO informed that the engine needed to be replaced. Of course this repair is not covered under the warranty I had. the vehicle had just under 30,000 miles at the time. I had since traded out of the car and am now driving a different vehicle. I will never purchase another Kia again.

  2. Bought a used 2015 kia soul + from a kia dealership and it’s dead with an engine problem at 63k miles. Since I am the second owner the car isn’t covered under warranty so it’s disposable. What a piece of crap.

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