An olive branch to Kia

Kia, if you want this to end, it’s all in your power.  Admit fault(Because you know it’s a flaw).  Refund me my money, and buy this lemon back.  And I’ll be out of your hair.

That’s fine if you choose not to.  But, we will be suing you more, and I will be spending money, advertising this blog, and spreading the word.  It’s in your best interest to make peace, and do the right thing.

This kind of behavior has already gotten GM in quite a bit of trouble.  If you keep this up, Kia will be the next thing on the news.  I’m already working with a local news station about the story, and my attorney has a radio show, and is a published author.  Don’t make the reputation damage permanent.

You’ve already turned a loyal customer into an enemy.  How many more do you need?

My Sportage  should have a theme song!  I think Adam Sandler already wrote one for it..

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